PTA Balloons

We have been a pioneer in the development of drug coated balloons, popularly called as DEB – drug-eluting balloons. These are polymer-free drug coated balloon catheters that decrease the stimulus of chronic inflammation and the trigger for late thrombosis and have been proven to reduce the duration of post-procedure antiplatelet therapy.

Our brand DIOR? has been a key success in the treatment of such coronary challenges as bifurcation lesions, small vessel stenting and the problems presented by in-stent restenosis. We’ve also customised the technology to the treatment of peripheral arterial disease (PAD) and launched FREEWAY? that has been triumphant in eliminating the need for amputations in patients suffering from critical limb ischemia.

Our JOKER?, an ultra low profile PTA balloon catheter technology, is specifically designed for peripheral interventions.

We also offer AMADEUS SUPERCROSS, a coronary dilatation balloon catheter used in PTCA procedures.

Technical specifications and information on clinical data are available at Eurocor.

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